Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Dublin, March 2016. Blackest Magick In Practice

Oh Dublin, I love you! Yes to more adventures. To sleeping under the stars. To tea on rooftops at sunrise. To soft blankets and hot wet kisses. To life and love and sex and all of the good magic. To freedom and autonomy, of both this girl and this country. To Niko. Family <3.

Yes to sisterly love and shenanigans! To burritos and way too much ice-cream. Balanced with walking and talking, mostly about food, as always! To rose quartz and serenity skylines. And the copper domes and verdigris seahorses of this ancient Viking city. To culture and ancestry and the ties that bind hearts and places.

Gino's ice-cream. Tiger stores. Counter Burger. TK Maxx. Planner time on the D2 roof. Temple Bar. The National Museum.

My first Irish Cradle of Filth gig in aeons! (16 years I think!). And it was fucking fantastic! Great set-list (I has set-list! Controversy with Dan re. possession of said set-list, but, possession is nine tenths of the law, so, mine!)

And... I got squished during 'Principle of Evil Made Flesh' and fractured my sternum. Which didn't become apparent until a week later. Oops! I got a beautiful ' Hammer of the Witches' flag. And Lindsay Schoolcraft hearted my insta-posts!!! <3 Porkchop stayed at home and cried!

Thank you Dublin for a super awesome weekend! Next time I'm bringing Niko so we can eat all of the things!!!

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