Friday, 1 April 2016

Things I Learned in March 2016

In like a lion, out like a lamb. Of the 31 Marches that I have experienced, this one was by far the craziest, most epic, most painful, most pleasurable and most amazing. March 2016... you have been the best month of my life (so far!)

Shit Jane learned this month...
  • Amazing things do happen! Jump and the net will appear (if you are really lucky!) But take the chance anyway. It is so worth it!
  • Relationships can hit you like the best, most violent thunderstorm from a blue springtime sky. All it takes is a certain connection. Compatibility plus communication <3.
  • I do get along with Barbara!
  • I am obsessed with Creme Eggs. I have gained weight and I am fine with this.
  • The copper IUD is pretty much the only contraceptive device that could work for me at present.  The whole area of male contraception is a ridiculous void. Hurry up science!
  • Niko is the aspie-whisperer! He can find solutions for all of my aspie problems (so far).
  • How it feels to have a fractured sternum and a chest infection simultaneously. It feels pretty fucking miserable!
  • Sexual compatibility and an appreciation for a partner's kinks is very very important!
  • When a person says stop, at any point in a sexual encounter, and the other person does not stop, then that is rape. And rape is never ok. And I did mostly know this, but it always bears repeating.
  • Alcohol related anxiety is my main remaining trigger. Working on this. Focus! Breathe fire <3.
  • I loved Steven, I did everything I could for him. But I could never have saved him.
  • Copper repels ants! Therefore, with my copper IUD fitted my vagina will be entirely safe from ant invasion!
  • I'm happiest in quiet, cozy, sunshine filled houses. With furry rugs, cats, and all the tea.
  • Sleep is super important and the best fix for random anxiety.
  • Caring about another person more than you care about yourself is not exactly love. You really do need to love yourself first, or at least to know yourself really well. Dependence is not love.
  • Bed pizza! Generally eating in bed and wrestling and cuddles equals awesome!
  • I love wrestling! Why did no-one tell me about wrestling?!
  • I love my body! It does amazing things and deserves all the love and respect (and pizza and orgasms).
  • Having an IUD fitted hurt a whole lot more than I was expecting!
  • There is no such thing as too many planners! (I bought another personal filofax!)
  • Having someone to talk literature with brought back my reading mojo!

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