Monday, 29 February 2016

Things I Learned in February 2016

I like Leap Years! It's basically a bonus day! I spent most of mine napping and trying to catch up on crafty projects :)
I started the Journal Wild Intuitive Journalling Challenge today! It's a five-day challenge and so far I am really loving it. I often get far too hung up on the aesthetics of my journal-keeping. I need to let that go and just journal from my heart with less procrastination. No more 'but I can't tell this story without the right stickers/without printing the photos/until I catch up chronologically' issues!

So, onwards and upwards. Shit I learned this month...

  • Audio-books and cross stitching are my happy place.
  • Homemade banana-bread is always a good idea.
  • I love yoga! It is wonderful. Totally distracts me from stress and dermatillomania and sadness. So good!
  • Building my own little community is filling my life with good stuff! Lovely knitclub ladies, tea and chats at the women's centre, meditation, a plan for everyday.
  • My street is haunted by vampires and possibly zombies.
  • I need tarot in my life. Feels so good to be reading again <3
  • Tea-dying generic aida is easy and turned out awesome!
  • Knit cotton pillowcases are the best! And super easy to make, even on the tiny John Lewis machine. <3 <3
  • Celebrating each of the year's holidays is important to me. It keeps me motivated and feeling the positive inspirations. Live in every moment!
  • I need my personal space to recharge and rest. Keeping the weekends to myself at the moment. Letting go.
  • My spiritual path, though still vauge and hard to define, is absolutely vital to me.
  • I am sleeping alone in the dark for the first time in my life! I have no fear of malevolent ghosts at this point.
  • I'm a pretty good cook! Looking forward to having a house guest and getting to play hostess soon <3 <3 <3

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