Saturday, 21 November 2015

My New Backyard

Toxteth Park Cemetery. There is a giant cemetery in my backyard! Seriously! Living the dream here guys :)

I set out yesterday afternoon to have my first proper exploration mission here. I have been passing this place on buses and in cars for so many years, and my desire to see it up close has never ever waned. So, armed with my trusty MP3 player (pretty much all Cradle of Filth, all the time), and my long-suffering camera-phone, I set out.

And it was fecking freezing! I started to rain epically a few minutes after I arrived. Seriously dark, moody skies and so much water from the sky! But I did persevere. Happy to finally get to photograph this place and have a preliminary walk around. Still so much to see though. I'm hoping it won't rain on me next time.

It is a beautiful cemetery, and it suits November perfectly. Autumn leaf obsession continues. And I have a new favourite obelisk! (The fancy ivy-carved one above!) So much love for a good obelisk! Hoping Bear will feel up to exploring with me soon too :)

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