Monday, 30 November 2015

Things I Learned In November 2015

So, it's the last day of November (seriously?!), and I'm at Jessibat Towers in Leeds. And it's time for my November round-up. It's been quite the adventure :)
  • Anything is possible, however improbable the dream.
  • November 5th 2015 is the most important day of my life.
  • I am really, truly obsessively loved! (Some of the time.)
  • I have a forever home now, with Steven and our family.
  • Some things that I learn might not be entirely true from day to day ;)
  • I really really love tea! Tea dates are the best!
  • Autumn and Winter can be wonderful. (Sometimes. Possibly.)
  • I am seriously brave! I gambled and won my life back.
  • Being open about my eating disorder issues makes recovery so much more achievable.
  • I am grateful for support from unexpected places!
  • I have missed Sky TV. Crime shows are important!
  • Going outside alone is still hard due to my anxiety, but I am able to handle it and have loved my walks in the city.
  • I can import my instagram photos to snapfish now!
  • I miss textile based crafting. Need to get my cross stitch back into my life.
  • Learning so much about personality disorders and how to live this life. I am Super Jane now! I got this!
  • Self care, self control. "Secure your own mask before helping others".
  • Going slowly is the best way to build a happy, more stable relationship. 
  • Ultimately, your friendship is the most precious thing of all and I treasure it always :)

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