Monday, 16 November 2015

Notes, Ramblings and December Daily Plans

"Nothing ever begins. There is no first moment; no single word or place from which this or any story springs. The threads can always be traced back to some earlier tale, and the tales that preceded that; though as the narrator's voice recedes the connections will seem to grow more tenuous, for each age will want the tale told as if it were of its own making."

Clive Barker, Weaveworld.

In my heart, in Liverpool, it is always November. November suits this city.

Today's tea is Yogi Tea Choco Chili. Currently there are nine different teas in the tea cupboard. I pick up a new one each time I pass by the Asian supermarkets in Bold Street. The tea addiction continues as I prepare to give up cola. I would quite like to meet the new year caffeine free.

I am reading Clive Barker's 'Sacrament'. Not a huge amount of reading time these days, but I'm fitting in an hour or so most evenings during tv sports times. And at night in bed. It is always so windy and rainy at night and the bed feels super cozy! But yeah, one of my 2015 goals was to get reading again, and I definitely achieved that one. Keeping it up into 2016!

I am writing a good deal at the moment. Journalling each day and filling in my November gratitude journal and #listersgottalist prompts. I want to attempt the story of Steven and I. Seventeen years and I have literally never been bored. Ever. Traumatized, terrified, ecstatically happy, mind blown, loved. But never bored.

Thoughts on publishing my journal and planner spreads right now. I'm struggling with this. I always aim to journal and to live as openly as possible. But my life includes other wonderful people now, and I am protective of their stories, linked as they may be to my own. So I don't know. I'll most likely publish a censored version of my gratitude journal and #listersgottalistNOV, but my Erin Condren will possibly remain my own for the moment.

I really miss cross stitch! Need to figure out how to transport my stitchy stuff over here. I also need to trek to Abakhan to see what sort of linens are available locally.

December Daily! I started my prep work for this year's project. I was using a 6x8 Heidi Swapp Memory Planner binder and a Maggie Holmes paper pad. And it was looking pretty good. But then I ran away. I was only able to carry my basic planner and journal supplies. So I thought about abandoning the December Daily ship for this year.

But then I started noticing things... the Christmas lights, the festive window displays, the tiny adorable Christmas outfits in the Disney Store. The awesome bike that might be a Christmas present for a certain awesome little 6 year old. And Paperchase! And... I got kind of excited... about Christmas.

So, as I have no money to spare right now, and it's too late to order a kit anyway, I'm fudging it. Starting here... 7.5" acid free spiral bound sketchbookChristmas countdown stickersChristmas sticker tube. And also a cute postcard. Bearing in mind I am starting out with literally just one roll of Christmas washi tape here! Simple life people, make it work! I plan on printing my Instagram photos via Snapfish and filling in one spread each day for the entire month of September. I'll incorporate photos, journalling, #listersgottalistDEC, stickers, washi and any festive ephemera we pick up on our travels. I'm planning on replacing the sketchbook coil with large binder rings as my December albums tend to get chunky (and I love them for it). I'll be documenting all 31 days this year as we won't have the small person staying with us until December 27th, and I don't want to miss recording those adventures.

Today's plan involves walking to the doctors and figuring out what's for dinner. And I get to pick up my new UK bank card!

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