Saturday, 14 November 2015

November 2015

This mermaid life.

Life is weird. It is November and I have been living in a small flat in Liverpool for just over a week now. Our flat backs onto Toxteth Park Cemetery and the Autumn leaves are beautiful here. It is November and it is cold here but there is hot tea and mermaid bath times. It is November and I am happy.

I don't miss coffee. I will still dabble occasionally if I find myself close to Starbucks and those red cups call my name. I quit all my planner subscriptions. I re-subbed to Pipsticks, because a girl still needs her happy mail fix. I have developed a ridiculous tea addiction. Cranberry and blood orange this morning. My mug has a wise white owl in a grey November sky.

I have a GP I really like. My eating disorder issues are going. I still choose not to know my weight but it is being monitored and is currently acceptable for my height. I am winning at trich and derma recovery!

I have library books! And there are tea dates at Leaf, and cinema dates, and Black Forest hot chocolate at the Odeon Costa. And there is a Paperchase store in L1 now! And everything here is both different and the same as always. The build-a-bear store still beckons.

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