Saturday, 31 October 2015

Things I Learned In October 2015

Eeek! It's Halloween! Around here that means baking, baking and more baking. I spent most of October struggling with my sucky health issues, but I am currently infection free! Unfortunately my depression is still lurking hard. Hoping to find a way to better places soon.

Want to know what I learned in October?!

  • Pencil parer is an exclusively Irish term.
  • Kawaii etsy stickers are my favourite!
  • The correct response to boot theft is poots on newts!
  • Adulting is hard, and over-rated.
  • Guilt-free napping is a major life goal.
  • My teeth are even worse than I imagined.
  • Budgeting is super hard, but definitely worth it!
  • Major trichotillomania/dermatillomania triggers right now are anxiety (related to filling in forms, medical costs and fear of the future), low blood sugar due to under eating, and guilt (being ill and needing so much care and my spending.)
  • Creative journalling/art journalling feels super helpful right now. I plan on using it to fight the winter sads. Finding my happy sparks!
  • Dan really does like doing things with me. He shared the entire Shocktober adventure and drew with me everyday until we both fell off the Drawlloween wagon.
  • Cross stitching everyday feels good, even if it is just a tiny bit. Every stitch counts!
  • Late October to the end of February are my hardest months. I know this and will be prepared!
  • I learned to floss my teeth! Committed to keeping it up!
  • A movie a day is just a little too hard to squeeze into our schedule, but totally worth it!
  • I love Netflix! 'Pretty Little Liars' is my current best show. 
  • I am a verbal communicator!
  • There is a rumor circulating among the neighborhood kids that Dan and I are incestuous siblings.

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