Thursday, 17 September 2015

September 2015 Blackpool, A Few More Little Memories

Coffee time in Sarah's impeccably tidy kitchen. These mugs make me ridiculously happy!

The Winter Gardens. I had never been inside before. It is a beautiful building. So much sunlight!

The end of Blackpool North Pier on a sunny September afternoon. Spent with Porkchop. Just two friends hanging out.

The Central Pier ferris wheel. Possibly my favourite Blackpool landmark.

Harry Ramsdan chips with all the salt and vinegar they can handle. My favourite seaside dinner.

Warm evenings on lonely and lovely North Pier. Best spent with hot cocoa, a good book, and a great friend.

The Pleasure Beach Pizza Hut and the Ripley's Believe it or Not dinosaur clock.

Central Pier wheel by night. A beautiful, festive blur :) The illuminations still make me so happy. Remind me of doughnuts and the Alice in Wonderland ride at the old Pleasure Beach funfair. (It turns out the Alice ride is still there! I had no idea! Totally going to Pleasure Beach next time I am in Blackpool).

My new Wade Whimsy hog, bought from The Regent, a vintage shopping arcade in Blackpool. Sarah's tiger and llama friends. My Blackpool bedroom.

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