Tuesday, 15 September 2015

September 2015 Blackpool Sealife Centre, St. Annes-on-the-Sea, and The Pooka

 Blackpool weekend adventures.

On Saturday September 5th we went to the Blackpool Sealife Centre! Highlights included the giant spider crab, sinister eels, the skate ray tank, sting ray tank, piranhas! Seahorses, learning about starfish and their disturbing associative leg antics, poking the starfish, tiny baby rays in their egg sacs shown on a viewing screen. The shark tank!!! I really really love a shark tank :) And I finally managed to photograph a giant pacific octopus :)

After the Sealife Center we went for lunch at El Taco Loco. Burrito bowl for me, burrito for Sarah. It was pretty good :) Then we shopped. I bought a marigold yellow A6 moleskine. And nail varnish. Then we had cherry amaretto ice-cream by the sea :) I have really missed girly fun times out with Sarah, today was awesome!

On Sunday morning Sarah took me grocery shopping. We walked to the Morrisons! (I am so obsessed with British supermarkets we don't have here.) Stopped at McDonald's for ice-cream, and I got to go to my first ever Staples store! They had a Filofax promotion which was very exciting, but sadly they were out of the butterfly Filofax I have been after :(  The Staples guy I questioned about this tried to show me the 'alternatives to Filofax'. Like, what the what now?! Seriously, Staples guy!

They did have the personal size Filofax Original in brown, which I totally would have taken home with me if I could afford it. And I met the flouro pink original 'in the leather' for the first time, and it is love! But that one wasn't a super special deal. Definitely one for the wishlist though. I didn't leave empty handed though! Bought a big pack of Paper-mate Flairs :)

We had lunch back at Sarah's house, then later that evening we set out on an adventure to the nearby seaside town of Saint Annes. Because exercise. Our Sunday night plans involved nachos and rum.

Saint Annes is a good walking distance from Sarah's house at the south end of Blackpool. We walked across the beach all the way. I learned about claggy sand :) It's that perfect level of dampness that is ideal for walking on. Dry sand is awful (particularly if all your shoes are Converse low-tops). Claggy sand is a lot like the consistency your flour and butter should be when you rub them together to make scone or pastry dough. 

It was a wonderful, lonely walk as the evening drew in. The old pier has a certain charm, different from the Blackpool and Brighton piers I am used to.

On the pier we found a mini golf course in the form of a tiny town! Porkchop and I had fun here. The pier has a little coffee shop, an arcade, and the most wonderful smell of chips and vinegar. Elsewhere in the town we spotted a lovely little sweet shop, mermaid mosaics, and a starfish-shaped flower-bed arrangement. Lovely fountains too :)

 At dusk we walked home down a long, quiet lane behind the sand dunes. At this point I was exhausted (thank you, Sarah's Blackpool bootcamp!), and the wind was fierce enough to give me ear ache.

"Walking back from Saint Annes, we saw wizened blackberries. Sarah says the Pooka shrivels the blackberries. I think it might be the salty sea breeze myself. The Pooka shouldn't come until October by rights. The sand was claggy as we walked along the beach in the sunset. The Pooka might live in the nature reserve by the sand dunes on the way to Starr Gate. He is happy because he is blighting the blackberries. I think he pisses on them."

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