Sunday, 13 September 2015

September 2015 Blackpool Light Switch On

September 4th 2015. I happened to be in Blackpool for the illumination switch-on! I found out just before flying over that the button would be pushed by Tim Burton this year!!! But there were no tickets available :( Still, knowing I would be in the same city as one of my heroes made me even more excited about the trip! *Spoiler Alert*... Really terrible Tim Burton photos to follow...

It started out as an ordinary Friday at the seaside. The sun was shining. Porkchop and I hung out mostly on North Pier. I read (Dracula, The Un-Dead), and drank hot chocolate. We shopped! TK Maxx Project Life loot, minion stickers, sea salt fudge for Dan. Haunted Sarah at her Primark job. Made her help me find the illusive tokidoki stationary. (Bought the pencil case at last!) I had chips!

Most of the promenade in the town centre was fenced off for the I-Fest gig, but I could see the big screen and hear the acts from the street. Around 7pm, I was just settling in to a spot behind the barriers with a decent view when a lovely lady did a lovely thing! She had an I-Fest wristband she wasn't using and she gave it to me! It was almost exactly like Cinderella!

So we go in, and rush as close to the front as we can get! Bearing in mind I'm still carrying an enormous bag filled with PL supplies and fudge! And we saw Toploader!!! Dancing in the moonlight with Porkchop, this is getting pretty surreal!

We saw the cast of The Full Monty! Porkchop rather enjoyed that ;) They were on just before Mr. Burton, and when he came on stage immediately afterwards he had one of their red thongs on one hand, and a lobster claw for the other. And he said wonderful things which I can't quite recall. And it was all a beautiful dream :)

And then that lobster claw pushed the button, and the lights came on, and there was ticker-tape, and love and excitement, and pure joy!

I heart you Blackpool :)

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