Friday, 11 September 2015

The Comeback Post

Eeek! I'm back!

I had every intention of making 2015 the year I take blogging SERIOUSLY, I really did. Then I broke my laptop :( And everything got very messy for a while. But I'm back, and I have every. Single. Intention. I actually think I might pull this off ;)

Things that are the same....

I still live in a little old house in Ireland with an awesome man and a ridiculous cat.
I still love scrapbooking and project life.
I am passionate about ladies telling their own stories and sharing their ordinary, awesome lives.
I'm still all about horror fiction, movies and making all the things.
I love to travel!
I'm an old-school Cradle of Filth fan. 16 years and counting ;)
I still knit, though not as often as I would like.

Things that are different...
Paper planning has taken over my world.
The Filofax lured me first, and I have recently developed an Erin Condren habit.
I'm drawing again! Not necessarily well, but enthusiastically at least!
I'm reading more books!
I'm a lot closer to being back in dermatillomania recovery than I ever was.
I have my old studio back :)

I'm spending most of my internet time on Instagram @teacupfaery. I share my planner challenges and my travels there and it makes me happy to see all the bright bits of life collected inside my phone :) (I have totally quit using a real camera!)

I'm not entirely sure how I'll use this space yet, but I'm hoping to share a lot more of my papercraft projects, with regular updates on the challenges I'm partaking in. My current absolute favourite thing is my #teacupfaerydrawaday personal challenge. I bought a beautiful planner by Mr. Wonderful on my recent trip to Spain and I figured out an exciting way to use it! I'm using each days journalling space to draw something! I used to draw all the time in my early 20s, but I lost my mojo. This project is helping me to regain my sketchy confidence :) My daily doodles can be found on my Instagram. 

So, blog. I'm back!

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