Monday, 12 October 2015

Mini Book Monday. Listers Gotta List September.

My finished September Listers Gotta List Challenge :)

A very similar set-up to my August Listers Mini Book. This time I used a pretty typewriter patterned paper and my laminater to make the covers. I added the month title using plastic alpha stickers which I machine stitched in place. Kinda messy but I'm ok with it :) I used Cocoa Daisy daily inserts as base pages for my lists and the book is held together with binder rings.

Day 1: Favourite September memories.

Day 2: My favourite phone apps.

Day 3: Back To School Memories.

Day 4: Designs I Would Like To See On Washi Tape.

Day 5: My school accomplishments.

Day 6: How I spent the weekend.

Day 7: The perfect store would have...

Day 8: Teachers that made an impact.

Day 9: I would love to reconnect with...

Day 10: Ways I practice compassion.

Day 11: First thing I think about each morning.

Day 12: Describing my dream job.

Day 13: Crazy things my cat does.

Day 14: Places I would like to visit someday.

Day 15: Moments in history I would have liked to experience.

Day 16: Things I loved about primary school.

Day 17: Things I used to worry about as a kid.

Day 18: Things I learned from my parents.

Day 19: Currently.

Day 20: In my bag.

Day 21: My favourite TV series and most memorable episode.

Day 22: How I celebrate my birthday.

Day 23: Fall bucket list.

Day 24: Best fall memories.

Day 25: Songs that inspire me.

Day 26: Why next month will be awesome.

Day 27: What I love to do on a rainy day.

Day 28: Favourite fall smells.

Day 29: Celebrity crushes I had as a teen.

Day 30: Things that I accomplished in September.

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