Sunday, 11 October 2015

Spread 'Em Wide Sunday Week 41

Week 41 was a rough one for me! I still have residual flu yuckiness and general exhaustion that I can't quite shake, but my general recovery is going well overall. Checking in today to share my *almost* complete week's spread in my Erin Condren Horizontal.

Most of the stickers used are from The Sticker Society September kit. (I'm adding the full Planner Society kit to my happy mail from this month and I am so so excited!) For September's kit, I was just able to get the add-on sticker kit, and it is lovely! I added polka dot washi from my stash (both from Tiger), and some kawaii musical animals. The popcorn and movie theme stickers are from Stick With Me shop.

Week 42 in my ECLP is ready to go, and Monster High themed! Super hard to photograph this one as all the stickers are holographic, but I love it! The b&w, neon pink and neon green skinny washis (also from Tiger) are a perfect match.

#teacupfaerydrawaday and drawlloween2015 spread for this week! I am so happy with that vaguely menacing pumpkin! And the kawaii-ball!

A minor disaster occurred this morning! I asked Dan to do the laundry as I feel so ill, and he did, and I was super happy, relaxing and cross stitching in bed. But then I went to hang it up, and I discovered that he had machine washed my very favourite sweater! And totally felted it to death! It was the grey wool sweater with the fox on and now it is teeny tiny! But also very substantial and cozy feeling ;) Happy ending though! We went to TK Maxx and managed to find two replacement sweaters, and both are grey with animals on the front! I now have a polar bear sweater and a cat sweater :) So yeah, forgiven!

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