Wednesday, 7 October 2015

October Listers Gotta List In My Erin Condren Notebook

Sharing the first 7 days of my October #listersgottalist challenge! This will be my 4th time around with this challenge :) I made mini-books in various styles for my previous listers challenges, but this time I'm switching it up a bit!

I'm using my Erin Condren Deluxe Notebook with calendar insert as a home for all my creative challenges, starting this October. For Listers Gotta List, I'm adding Project Life cards to the notebook pages in order to divide the space for the separate list prompts. For a few of the listing spaces I used a decorative PL card and attached it with a washi tape 'hinge' to make reading the journalling a bit more fun and interactive :) I decorated my pages in advance so each days listing would be super straight forward! I can add extra decor as I go if I find I have leftover white space.

1. Favourite October memories. Bonfires down the lane. The fairy costume Barbara made for me. Dan's Pyramid Head costume. Silent Hill nurse cosplay. Being 15, house parties with Efa and Aishling. Connor wearing my pink sparkly prom dress. November 1st nachos at Barburrito with Dan. Dan's Cthulhu and Jack Skellington pumpkins. Baking pumpkin pie. Mexican food, Halloween feasts. Photoshoots with Blythe and Cavey in the mist. Blythecon good times.

2. Favourite Fall drinks. Hot cocoa with cinnamon and marshmallows. Rum and cherry coke. Fresh coffee. Pumpkin spice coffee. Hot spiced apple cider. Jack Daniels. Tequila. Mulled wine.

3. Favourite comfort food. Homemade banana bread. porridge with honey and almond milk. Cereal, always. Anything from Cookies and Scream, Camden Market. Cornbread and chili. Pizza. Nachos.

4. Fall Fashion. New Rock boots. Cozy sweaters. Thick cotton tights. Hand knit socks. Sequinned panda hat. Layers! T-shirts under dresses, 90's style. Handknit wool shawls. Gloves and mittens. Coffee to go, hand warmer! Knee-socks over tights.

5. Favourite Accomplishments. Making a strong derma recovery plan. Learning to cross stitch! And actually finishing some things. Learning to knit socks. My blog. Becoming a BFRB advocate. Starting my draw a day challenge and sticking to it. Organising my studio space.

6. Cherished childhood treasures. Theodore the bear. Gizmo the raccoon. The tiny swan boat. Old Bear. Beatrice doll. Teddyfrog. Littlest Petshop hamsters. Moon and stars charm bracelet. Little red mouse wagon.

7. Things I still want to do this year. Achieve 7 consecutive pick free days. Finish Christmas Town cross stitch. December Daily! Catch up on Project Life and finish 2015 documentation. Get closer to planner peace. Knit more sock, and finish them!

My EC Notebook is also home to my Shocktober personal challenge! I am watching a spooky movie each day this month, and I have prepared space in my notebook to list the movies, along with a short written response to each and a stamped rating bar. I am dividing the notebook pages into monthly sections as I go be adding these monthly tab stickers from Studio Calico. Super simple!

A look at how I use the monthly calendar in my two current EC books. On top is my EC Deluxe Notebook. I'm keeping this spread just for my blog schedule and topics. Below is my EC Horizontal Life Planner calendar, which shows real life/outside world based events. Doctors appointments, holidays, subscription payments, etc. I use the side-bar on both for goals for the month, but my LP has a more general goal list, while the Notebook is specifically blog and instagram challenge focused.

I use the note page behind the month's calendar view to list my creative challenges for that month. On my October challenge page I have the daily prompts for #drawlloween2015 :)

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