Friday, 16 October 2015

Ok Trich, you win this round.

But I am not letting you take my afternoon too.

Today started like most mornings this week. With me in full on panic mode because I really fucking hate the dark mornings! And I'm sick, and super miserable.

Plus point, I did not cry about breakfast! I made my own toast like a grown-up and the whole morning routine was basically melt-down free. Lately I have been trying to make myself eat porridge. I love porridge, but I have serious issues with preparing it. I can't actually do it without tears these days.

It's 12.03pm now. Up until an hour ago, I was trying my best to stick to my task list. I tried to cross stitch. I made cocoa. I received some happy mail which made me so so happy :) Then, the trich-monster took over. I never know exactly why or how. I just couldn't take anymore stress and my picking-resistance had to give.

Lately I am stuck in the same consistent cycle. I can get 3 days pick free relatively easily, but I keep bingeing badly on day 4. Almost always in the morning. It's starting to feel like an inevitability at this point. The worlds most boring fairground ride. And I hate it.

I am currently tracking my trich and derma by dividing each day into 3 sections. So I still have two potential pick-free points to earn today. And I haven't touched my face, just my legs. That is so so important a detail!

Outlining my plans here, for accountability. I'm going to get up, get showered, shave any surface leg hairs, and get some tights on! Then, hopefully, finish my Anne of Green Gables cross stitch!

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