Friday, 9 October 2015

Things I learned in September 2015

Oh hi! This is me, and here are some of the things I learned this September! I'm using the note page at the end of each month's section in my Erin Condren Life Planner to list that month's random lessons :) Always something to learn!
  • An eclipse is named for the body that is being eclipsed! Eg. Super-blood-moon was a lunar eclipse.
  • I really love having a bound planner!
  • Pre-planning makes it so much easier to use my time productively.
  • Checking in on my dermatillomania progress 3 times a day makes it easier to avoid picking binges.
  • I really need to walk outside everyday.
  • Regular small meals and less caffeine really does seem to help with my compulsive behaviour.
  • I am too impulsive in my spending. Focusing on this for October.
  • Repetition makes hard things easier! This applies to both #teacupfaerydrawaday and BFRB recovery.
  • Audiobooks and cross stitch are the best!
  • Blogging regularly is totally possible. It just takes dedication.
  • I no longer need to do Project Life for every single thing. Cutting back on photo printing.
  • Dan hugs are the very best medicine.
  • Sometimes a nap is the best possible option.
  • I am really fucking brave!
  • Halloween is the best holiday!
  • I really, really love Mexican food.

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