Friday, 30 October 2015

Shocktober 2015, The Penultimate Round-Up!

Time to blog about spooky movies! My goal with this project was to try to watch as many new-to-me movies as possible. Looking for secret treasures in the dusty dungeons as it were. I used Netflix almost exclusively for my movie nights, maybe three exceptions? Here comes my report so far ;)

The following notes were written live, in my Erin Condren notebook, while watching each movie. I did fall asleep on several of the viewing sessions due to being really sick during the last few weeks. I re-watched my sleepy movies the following mornings. Except for 'Ghost', which I refuse to re-watch ever.

1. 'Spring' 2014. Guys mum dies, he takes a recovery vacation. Meets hot Italian girl. Arthur Machen vibes. Love story. 3/5.

2. 'Devil's Backbone, Texas' 2015. After his father dies at a lonely Texas ranch, Jake goes to pay his respects and to learn more about the father he has barely seen in 20 years. 4/5.

3. 'Re-Animator' 1985. Dan's first time seeing this! He loved it! So so silly and still so good! Dr. Hill talking to his own head! Embracing the full spectrum of the horror genre! 4/5.

4. 'Child's Play' 1988. I have always disliked Chucky. This prejudice stems from abusive references thrown at the blythe community. But it turns out to be kinda awesome! 4/5.

5. 'Child's Play 2' 1990. Dan's choice! Faster and funnier. Chucky is now trapped in the Good Guy doll and he is not happy!Andy has an ally. I am really warming to Chucky at this point! 4/5.

6. 'From The Dark' 2014. Extra points for hometown factor! Could totally be my neighborhood. Couple get stranded in bog. Bog-body vampire attacks and spreads his photophobic contagion. I loved this! 4/5.

7. 'The Amityville Horror' 2005. For haunted house inspiration. I love Jodie and her zombie bear. Comfort-horror. Not the best but entertaining. 4/5.

8. 'Stitches' 2012. "Everybody happy?" "You're about as romantic as a wank in Funderland." "Have you seen Paul floating around?" It's time to party! 5/5.

9. 'Child's Play 3' 1991. "Don't fuck with the Chuck". I fell asleep first time! Made myself watch it again. Just 'Child's Play 2' again. Totally over Chucky for now. Not my favourite franchise. 2/5.

10. 'Mr. Jones' 2013. "Do you ever wish that you could freeze time?" Dreamland. Labyrinth. Amazing concept but not quite enough of a story to follow. Very thought-provoking and refreshingly raw and different. 4/5.

11. 'Teeth' 2007. Main issue, I hate all of the characters! This would work so much better if I liked Dawn. But I don't. I do love the vagina dentata trope. And I do like the idea of a vengeful Goddess stalking rapists. 2/5.

12. 'Scream' 1996. First viewing in around 10 years! Even better at 31. Subtle details I missed as a kid. Love Dewey! And sexy Rose McGowan is perfect 90's girl. Oh! And the Freddie janitor Easter egg! 5/5.

13. 'Crow's Nest' 2012. Mediocre found footage movie to start off. Entirely unlikable cast. Level of gore depicted is it's only redeeming feature. Meh. 3/5.

14. 'Hellraiser' 1987. The first horror movie I remember watching as a kid. Hellraiser is definitely a part of my personal mythology. Doug Bradley <3 5/5.

15. 'Killer Klowns from Outer Space' 1988. It has a theme tune! And candy floss death cocoons! What more could there possibly be? 3/5.

16. 'ABCs of Death 2' 2014. Really really loved this. Anthology movies are rare and this was pure awesome. So so glad we found it. Yay Netflix! 5/5.

17. 'House of 1000 Corpses' 2003. One of my favourites. Made even better by enjoying on a Saturday afternoon in bed with Dan, Sid and Halloween candy. 5/5.

18. 'The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia' 2013. I had fun guessing how things would go down in this one. Mild entertainment. 2/5.

19. 'Ghost' 1990. I still haven't finished it. I fell asleep. It's spooky because the protagonist is a ghost, ok? Meh. 1/5.

20. 'The Omen' 1976. Love this movie! Re-watching this morning as I fell asleep (again) last night. Possibly favourite ending in horror. Need to draw Damien. 4/5.

21. 'Crimson Peak' 2015. This was so so beautiful! Perfect lux Gothic romance. Best cinema experience in a while I think. 5/5.

22. 'Afflicted' 2013. I like both of these guys! Kinda wish it wasn't horror! Lux modern first person footage. I want to read their blog. Unexpected super power twist! And he's a vampire! Learns to be a good vampire <3 3/5.

23. 'From Beyond' 1986. "It... ate him. Bit off his head like a gingerbread man." Crawford Tillinghast. The lady scientist gets real sexy. Jane falls asleep! 3/5.

24. 'Housebound' 2014. She is not an expert criminal. Awesomly annoying Mammy! Who saw a ghost! Ghost hunting ensues! Ghost girl needs help avenging murderer. 4/5.

25.'Creep' 2014. Cameraman on a job. Meets chipper guy with terminal cancer. "There's a little Peach Fuzz inside you yet." Creepy from the start. Very Creepy Pasta-esque. Loved it! 5/5.

26. 'Paranormal Activity 2' 2010. The pool cleaner. The pan rail. The bad ass front door. Something to do with the baby. Demonic possession. Link to dark family past. 3/5.

27. 'Paranormal Activity 3' 2011. VHS footage of young Kristi and Katie. Demonic presence manifest as 'Toby'. Glimpses at familial witchery. I love the continuity in the PA series. 3/5.

28. ' Detention' 2011. This was weird. Very trippy sci-fi high-school time-travel shenanigans. I kinda loved it! 3/5.

29. 'Hellraiser Hellbound' 1988. I am ashamed to say I fell asleep. But I do love this movie. Comfort watching. <3 5/5.

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